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Find Relief

Take the edge off your worry and help give your overactive brain a break (without that extra glass of wine or carb coma) by creating healthier, more sustainable habits through mindfulness, self-compassion, and resilience building skills.

Connect to

Kick-Ass Community

This challenge will be the greatest way to become part of a community of growth-minded mamas who will be right there with you in the arena cheering you on, holding you accountable, and sharing your determination to turn obstacles into opportunities.


Find new sources of energy as you discover ways to stop "doing it all" for everyone else (and resenting it) and start taking better care of yourself. Because, you can only give what you've got - at home, at work, at parenting...working at home, homing at work, parenting at home...while working.

Take Back Your Days

If your schedule has been turned upsidedown and it's taking SO much more time than it used to to do...anything, you're not alone. Inside this challenge you'll be taking steps that will help you stop spinning your wheels and start gaining traction towards what matters.


Get Into the Practice

(in 15 min or less/day)

Each morning you'll wake up to a message from me in your inbox. That message will include a prompt, skill and/or action step that you will engage in that day to bring you closer to the calm, connection, and hope you're ready to claim.

Daily Check-Ins

You'll stay "in it to win it" by reporting your daily progress inside our private Facebook group. Report your progress every day of the challenge and you'll automatically be entered into a drawing to win a prize! (5 available)

But you should know, really everyone comes out a winner. ;)

Take Them With You

...the prompts, practices, skills, and new growth-minded friends, that is.

That's the beauty of this challenge. You'll come away with tools and community you'll be able to tap into beyond the10-days of this challenge. Tools that will continue to change your life if you let them.

Tina is a Coach, Speaker, and Self-Care Crusader that has been helping people transform their lives for over 20 years. As a coach, her focus is to  help women prevent burnout, because too many are taking better care of everyone else, struggling to prioritize their time, and are overwhelmed by the weight of their responsibilities. 


So, she helps them cut through the noise, connect with what matters most, and take action towards creating lives they love so they can optimize their well-being and reclaim their freedom, fire and fulfillment.


“Tina is a bright light whose energy and warmth make it super easy to share your truth, get vulnerable, and connect with others. Because of this, she is able to create a loving community of women that holds space for one another, lifts each other up, and learns and grows together. I'm so grateful for Tina and the community she created."

- A.P.

"I felt reawakened to who I am and what I can really accomplish in my life. The sessions removed my self doubt and built me up. I saw a significant change in my outlook on life and overall became a more positive person.


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