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A series of monthly mindful hiking adventures designed to

help you get out of your head & back into your groove! 

Create More Calm

Each hike is intentionally organized to give that beautiful brain of yours the break it needs and deserves. With just the right combination of "down time" and practice refocusing your attention, your mind will think more clearly, your body and it's nervous system will chill out and function more optimally, and your spirit will feel lighter and a helluva lot brighter!


WARNING: the calm you experience will affect those around the best way.

Surround Yourself with
Kick-Ass Community

It's one thing to know people, but an entirely different thing to feel like you belong. In fact, investing in relationships that create a safe space where we don't have to fake the funk is imperative to our total health and well-being. That's what you'll find inside this series - playful, growth-minded women from all walks and stages of life who will see you, hear you, and remind you of just how bad ass you are...even when you're not feelin' it.


Move That Body

It's no secret that movin' is good for us. But did you know that movement supports recovery? That's right! The latest research reveals that making a habit out of moving our bodies (enough to elevate the heart rate) plays a BIG role in how well we recover from life's stressors. Whether you're already moving or could use some help establishing a more solid routine, this series will support and inspire you to get (and stay) physical so you can meet life's setbacks feeling more capable and empowered.

Get Back to Nature

Social environments, the frequency of devices, and loud noises (power tools/sirens/screaming kids) can leave us feeling drained and on edge. Time spent  in nature offers an antidote to these sneaky buzz kills. With each hike you'll be bringing harmony back to your system as we  explore some of the most gorgeous parks in the Bay Area (my personal favs). You'll drink in the soothing scent of eucalyptus, take in awe-inspiring views of the bay, listen to calming wildlife sounds...and maybe even hug a tree. ;)  Get ready to exhale.




This series is for you if...

  • you enjoy walking/hiking, the outdoors, and making new friends

  • you're tired of the same 'ol, same 'ol (or you're just plain tired) and are ready to feel more energized, more inspired, and more like yourself

  • you've been meaning to schedule more "you" time, but...

  • you've got a lot on your mind and/or are having a hard time prioritizing

  • you're eager to lean into healthy habits and practices that support your happiness and total well-being


  • 1 week before each scheduled hike you'll receive an email with all the info you'll need to have a spectacular hiking experience

  • we'll start each hike with a check-in so you can get to know the wonderful women in our group while learning more about yourself, too 

  • you should know

    • our pace is more like a saunter (2.5 - 3 mi/hr)​

    • the terrain will be varied (loose gravel, dirt, paved, sand)

    • there will be hills and a few steep descents (although, not on every hike)

    • this series is best suited for those who are comfortable walking/hiking at least 3 miles and climbing up to 1,000ft in elevation (hikes run easy to moderate). Note: we'll pause throughout the hike to regroup and connect

    • our average hike will be about 4 miles with roughly 500ft elevation gain

  • each hike will include a luxurious restorative stretch and relaxation/mindfulness practice (ahhhhhhhh)

  • at the conclusion of our time together you'll have an opportunity to enjoy the company of our crew as you nosh on delectable brunchtime snacks sourced from some of the most amazing small business bakeries around. There'll also be fruit and homemade green soup (a community fav) from my very own kitchen. Literally food for the soul ;)



We'll be exploring some of THE MOST gorgeous parks/wilderness areas in the East Bay Area (and a smidge beyond).

[While exact locations will be shared upon registration, participants can expect to travel to the following areas: San Ramon, Walnut Creek, Oakland, Berkeley, El Sobrante, Pinole, San Francisco, and Mill Valley. Carpool avail.]


8:30am - 11:30am

(subject to change due to weather)


  • Sunday, January 22

  • Sunday, February 19

  • Sunday, March 26

  • Sunday, April 23

  • Sunday, May 21

  • Sunday, June 25

  • Sunday, July 16

  • Sunday, August 20


More Dates

Dropping Soon!


registration includes locally sourced brunchtime eats

(parking fees, where applicable, not included)

Complete Series

(6 pack of hikes)


3-Pack of Hikes



(not transferrable)



Space limited.

Based on availability.

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As a Certified Coach, Educator and Facilitator, Tina brilliantly weaves together wisdom from her own experience with debilitating burnout with decades of professional leadership in the health and fitness industry.


Her unique approach blends neuroscience, nature therapy, and movement with practices in mindfulness, self-compassion, and emotional balance to effectively help folks pump up their peace of mind, feel better in their bodies, and create more of what they want in their lives.​


“Tina is a bright light whose energy and warmth make it super easy to share your truth, get vulnerable, and connect with others. Because of this, she is able to create a loving community of women that holds space for one another, lifts each other up, and learns and grows together. I'm so grateful for Tina and the community she created."

- A.P.

"I felt reawakened to who I am and what I can really accomplish in my life. The sessions removed my self doubt and built me up. I saw a significant change in my outlook on life and overall became a more positive person.


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