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“You can go to the gym, drink your water and take your vitamins,

but if you don’t deal with the sh!t going on in your heart and head

you're still going to be unhealthy.” - unknown


When debilitating burnout hit I had been working in the Health and Fitness industry nearly 20 years. 


For most of my life I leveraged exercise as my primary outlet for life’s stresses. In fact, as a child, I was intuitively drawn to it - and for good reason. 


It’s scientific.


Research indicates that things like exercise, music, and nature all help to naturally increase feel good chemicals in the body - chemicals that affect mood and experiences of pleasure, which can help to mitigate stress.


So you see, physical activity helped me feel a sense of hope, joy, strength, agency, and empowerment during the times in my life when those things were scarce.


Until it didn't anymore.


When I became disabled, when the exercise that was always my salvation became my kryptonite (as it would turn out, moderate physical activity triggered the onset of a neurological episode), I was forced to figure out alternate ways to navigate life’s stresses.


Now here’s where the “head and the heart” bit in the quote I mentioned earlier comes into play.


Since my body was on a well deserved sabbatical, the only other option was to tune in -  to my thoughts, to my beliefs, and to how these were directly impacting my behavior, my choices, and my life experiences.


For a year and a half healing and acquiring tools to help me explore what was keeping me from the kind of health I wanted to experience became my full-time job…and my biggest priority. 


And the thing is, I wasn’t just doing it for me - I was slowing way down and taking the time to create a new path for my boys as well.


You know, apple don’t fall far from the tree and all that. ;)


Since that time I have (and continue to) experiment, study, and research, working with incredible teachers, therapists, and coaches in the areas of neuroscience, self-compassion, mindfulness, emotional balance, nature therapy, and more.


What’s notable is that not only was I able to fully recover from the burnout and  heal from my disability, but more importantly, I was able to combine my knowledge of fitness, health, and nutrition with neuroscience, mindfulness, and self-compassion to create a life I love - a life that is more balanced, fun, fulfilling and meaningful in all the ways that are most important to me, in all seasons of my life


And for years, I’ve been helping others do the same.

In fact, it's my absolute jam to facilitate workshops, retreats, outdoor adventures, and presentations to individuals, groups, and organizations ready to feel better in their bodies, pump up their peace of mind, and create more of what they want in their lives.

Ready to find out what that's like? Click HERE.

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