I'm a coach, speaker, retreat facilitator, and self-care crusader who helps women live more and stress less, because too many are living their days from a place of reactivity - to the needs of others, perceived expectations, unwritten rules, limiting beliefs, and negative self talk - which leaves them feeling sick, tired, uninspired, and downright cranky. 

That's no way to be livin'.

If this is you, I'm here to tell you that more is possible. 

A survivor of burnout, I know what it’s like to lose sleep over how you are going to juggle it all while maintaining your health, a snark-free attitude, and your sanity.


My particular experience with burnout included the onset of a debilitating nuerological disorder, which was an intensely humbling experience.


When burnout hit I had been passionately working in the Health & Fitness Industry for 20+ years. Taking good care of the body through exercise and nutrition was something I was well informed about and I regularly leveraged physical pursuits as an outlet for life's stresses.


But intense workouts were no match for the chronic state of care-giving and busy-ness I was wired for. 


I finally buckled under the pressure and was met with the realization that I did not have the support, tools, and skills required to help me to experience my life (and all it's bumps and detours) with grace, forgiveness, and compassion (for myself, first and foremost).


I struggled to get out of the rut I was in, reacting to everyone else's needs and putting my own on the back burner.


Doing this produced a kind a suffering I had never known before...and the thing was, I wasn't the only one who was feeling it. 

What many don't realize is that our lack of well-being, self-honoring, and self-care has an impact on those around us - a ripple effect. And while it may feel selfish to set aside time to create the space necessary to take good care of ourselves, not taking damn good care of ourselves ends up producing the very thing we think we are avoiding by putting others first.

We can only offer the quality care that we offer ourselves.

Now, contrary to what some might think, being forced into temporary disability by burnout was more a blessing than curse for me.


As a matter of fact, it created the space necessary to learn how to take really, really damn good care of myself. 

I'm an expert at it, in fact. 

And while I believe that it was necessary for me to go through what I did in order to arrive where I am today - more capable, more resilient, and free from the disability that altered years of my life, I also believe that nothing is worth sacrificing your health & well-being and no one should have to be brought to their knees in order to bring about positive change

For years now I've been living a life that's fulfilling, supported, and vibrant and have been helping other women create the same, only without the trip to burnout-ville. ;)

It's my absolute jam to provide personalized support, programs, retreats and presentations to women and organizations ready to kick energy sucks, indecision, resentment, self-criticism, and unhelpful habits to the curb so they can live and lead feeling inspired and empowered, capable and kick ass.

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