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A Simple Way To Deal With What's Real

5-minute game changer inside.

Ever have a day when all the sudden it hits you like a ton of bricks that you are not right?

I'm talkin' mentally and physically drained, running on fumes, walking a thin line.

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This can look like, but is not limited to...

  • forgetting things - that meeting, assignment, or where the heck you put your car keys

  • fumbling, trippin', and feeling like inanimate objects are out to get you - i.e. banging your shin on the coffee table, hitting your head on the cabinet door

  • seeing stupid people and/or axxholes everywhere - thinking some version of, "Really people???? You all need to get a clue!"

  • feeling like you are constantly behind the eight ball and waiting to exhale - vs. focused on what's most important and channeling your energy efficiently

If you've got your hands up, know that you are in good company.

In a recent podcast episode (We Can Do Hard Things Ep. 25), Glennon Doyle put it like this...

You're not a mess. The world is.

I believe there is so much truth to this.

And amplifying all this "messiness" is yet another truth - that systems have been created to keep us all go-go-going, consuming, craving, producing, striving for unrealistic ideals.

But here's the thing.

I also believe that we are not powerless against all this bat sh!t craziness.

The following saying might sound played out but imma go for it because it's truth...

While we can't control everything, we do have control over how we respond.

Now, is this the answer/holy grail/magic pill that people have been waiting for?


Those damn things don't exist.

But it IS one way to take back some of the power that is likely being given away.

It IS a way to stop giving f*cks about the wrong things and start channeling your limited energy towards what really matters to you, towards what will make a meaningful impact in your life.

If you are feeling tired, uninspired, and maybe even a little bit cranky...

If you're ready to shake up the "same-sh!t, different day" routine and experience something new, something different...

try this simple 5-minute exercise on for size

My encouragement is to do it everyday for the rest of this week.

Speaking from my own experience as well as that of my clients - this. thing. works.

When you set aside time (even as little as 5-minutes/day) to focus your energy on recognizing, prioritizing, and visualizing - things change. You change.

Willing to give it try?

If so, let me know how it went!

And if you are currently doing something for yourself that is really workin' for you this season, I invite you to share that too.

Simply respond to this email or send your thoughts and results to:


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Whatever you do, take good care of yourself. Ain't nobody bringing what you bring to this one precious life. You are irreplaceable.


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