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Get Lifted

The seasons are changing.

And as we get ready to dip our toes (or cannonball) into the Summer months, now is the perfect time to consider what you want to experience more of the rest of this year.

Perhaps it's more calm, connection, adventure, balance, joy.

Or maybe you just want to create more space to fill your cup the heck up (lord knows we all need time to process and recover, especially in light of all that's been going on in the world).

If this is you, I get it.

In fact, I've created monthly mindful hiking experiences to support you with just such priorities - to help you get on up out of your head and back into your groove.

The series is aptly named "LIFTED"'s what you'll feel after each and every hike and what you'll carry with you into the days that follow.

Know, this experience will not be your average "walk in the park".


This series was carefully curated by yours truly and built on the 3 Key Principles that have the greatest impact on how we experience our days (backed by scientific research):

  1. Our attention (conscious or unconscious) - has effects that ripple through our survival brain, our nervous system, and our body

  2. Our environments - we are always resonating with them, especially our social environments but also the electromagnetic spectrum, traffic, loud noises

  3. Our habits - We are what we consistently do. Everything about our minds and bodies is the result of repeated experiences (aka = our habits). What we're doing in a repeated way effects the function and structure of our brain, our nervous system, and it also affects what genes turn on and off (epigenetics).

When we mindfully direct our attention and intentionally place ourselves in environments that are supportive this helps us start considering how we are structuring our days and which habits we want to be fueling (as well as which ones we're ready to kick to the curb).

LIFTED will not only help you lean into habits that support your mental, physical, and spiritual health, but it'll also help you...

  • feel more energized

  • think more clearly

  • navigate stressful moments with greater ease

  • more swiftly recover from setbacks

  • feel a greater sense of connection with others, with yourself, with the planet

  • discover gorgeous parks/wilderness areas that you might not otherwise explore...and in awesome company

Listen, if you like to walk, dig the company of fab females, and could benefit from time spent recovering and relaxing (who couldn't), this will be your jam.

Series kicks off Sunday, June 26.

To learn more and to claim one of the limited spaces, click HERE.

Whether you decide to join us on this adventure or pursue a healthy adventure of your own, rest easy in knowing that it's always a good idea to take care of you. <3

BIG love,



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