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What Does It Look Like For You?

Maybe nothing...yet.

I was recently asked about my secret sauce.

My self-care secret sauce, that is.

As in, what do I do and how do I help my clients and the women in my programs experience more of this - a behavior which ultimately leads to feeling better in our bodies and experiencing more connection, fulfillment, and success in our lives - particularly in the times we're livin' in.

Here's the thing - there ain't no one way about it.

Like the Mandalorian credo, this is the way...and this is the way...and this is the way. ;)

While that epsom salt bath (my version of the bubble bath) can be glorious for detoxing and de-stressing, tending to toxic/stressful thoughts is also incredibly impactful.

While that weekly mani/pedi can help you feel lighter and brighter, choosing to handle uncomfortable situations/feels as they arise instead of putting them off/sweeping them under the rug can also take weight off your shoulders and have you feeling more free.

You see, there are a myriad of ways to go about doin' the damn thing.

And, the key is to have a menu of options at your disposal to support you in the moment as well as help you address things at the root.

I recently had a meaningful conversation about aaaaall this with Tracy Beerman of The Vision Driven podcast.

In our episode I share the cliff notes version of my story, which includes how I finally reached out for the support I needed (after being brought to my knees by a neurological disability) and how I got schooled in self-care and turned into a valedictorian.

We also talk about:

  • What happens when we actually allow ourselves to feel the feels

  • How you can choose to move away from what you don’t want to feel or toward what you do

  • How motherhood is often the catalyst for change

  • Why taking damn good care of yourself is the best medicine for everyone

  • Why it can be damn hard to take good care (#systems #culture)

If you've been feelin' like you could use some extra "you" time...

If you are tiiiiiiired and are seeking greater balance and flow...

If you know you'd like to take better care but don't know where to start because...all. the. things....

If you just want to delight in a playful convo and one woman's entertaining story (#shameless)...

Give this a listen.

[run time about 55min]

BIG love,



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