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420 talk...and it's not what you think

Mellow out & get your groove back

"What is it about 420 anyway?"

"I mean, if you smoke you're already smoking whenever you want to, right?"

"Does there really have to be a holiday designated for smoking? Back in my day..."

These were words that found their way into my earholes as I was hiking past a couple of gals having a convo inspired by one of their college-aged daughters.

Once out of ear shot, I had a good chuckle recalling the most random topics that have emerged while I myself have walked/hiked with friends.

What is it about these random musings with friends that can leave us feeling so dang good?

As it happens, these rando conversations can play a pretty important roll in our ability to mellow outand think more clearly.

In fact, connecting with others and un-focusing the mind (it's a thing) are stellar ways to feel more energized and capable of moving through challenges (the small SMH ones and the big, WTF ones too).

And as counter intuitive as is can feel, slowing down to take the mind off the matter (whatever is front and center and workin' our last nerve) opens up perspective, helps generate new ideas, and supports us contemplating and planning for a "feel good" future.


Try one of these simple strategies on for size...

Give Yourself a Minute (or more)

When you wake up in the morning, before you grab that dang phone, give yourself a few moments to just lay in bed and let your mind wander. Extra Credit: repeat the mantra, "Today is going to be a great f@cking day"...even if you have to add a "somehow" to the end ;)

Shut It Down

Intentionally turn off the tv, your computer, the radio, and your phone regularly and enjoy the downtime. Try this during your morning commute, while exercising at the gym, or while you're waiting in line at the new boba tea joint or the grocery store.

Get Out (one of my personal favs)

Leave the 4 walls of your home, office, classroom, or workplace and enjoy some rec time with others. This is where a healthy exchange of ideas tends to organically unfold and you can get out of your head and into your body, where all the magic happens. ;)

Plan on giving it a try? Let me know how it goes my sending me a message at

Listen, whatever you decide to do (or not do), may it support you in pumping up your inner peace, feeling better in your body, and creating more of what you want in your life.

You. Deserve. It.

BIG love & BIG hugs,


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