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This Lesson From Simone Is Solid Gold

How to give no f*cks and win like a champion.

There I was, verklempt like Linda Richman on an episode of SNL's Coffee Talk while watching as the resilient bad ass that is Simone Biles took to the balance beam last night - her final event after withdrawing from other Olympic events due to mental health concerns.

She had me on the edge of my overstuffed couch as I watched her, an athlete that made "the twisties" a news headline, rooted as a tree trunk on a beam just 4 inches wide.

I thought to myself, "Daaaaaaaang, this woman is fierce and focused, right down to her near perfect dismount."

But her performance wasn't even the thing that had me the most choked up and in awe.

No, what really got me was the fact that she took a brave and bold stand for herself and gave no f*cks about what people would say when she decided to be transparent - when she decided to let the world witness her being human.

What a remarkable thing, right?

She took the break she needed, when she needed it, and was able to bounce back more swiftly - for her team, for her country, but most importantly for herself.


As it turns out, when we give ourselves permission to prioritize our own needs (and dare I say wants) everyone benefits, regardless if we earn a place at the Olympic Podium.

May you too recognize what you need, consider all the ways that you could possibly have it, and take action to deliver it to yourself.

And if you could use a squad to help you practice channeling your inner Simone Biles, I invite you to join us inside The Thrive Hive where "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck" will be at the forefront of our conversations starting Thursday, August 19 at 6pm PT.

Want to learn more?

Check out all the deets HERE.


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