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I'm Tina Dodds - A Certified Coach, Facilitator, & Self-Care Crusader who helps busy people live more & stress less...

...because too many are taking better care of everyone else, struggling to prioritize their own well-being, and are just plain 'ol "over it"...the busyness, the fatigue, the frustration - all. the. things.


So, I help them cut through the noise, connect to what matters most, and take action towards feeling better in their bodies and creating more of what they want in their lives.

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create the life you want to live

"My coaching experience with Tina has been nothing short of life changing!


As a mother, wife, friend, and business owner, I was stretched thin and stressed out by being a "pleaser".


With Tina's guidance, I realize that I am fully capable of finding value and worthiness within myself, without feeling the need of constant praise, reassurance, and appreciation from others. Her incredible grounding techniques continue to help me find clarity on what matters most to me in my life and her support has given me the courage to make the changes that I needed in order to have a life that aligns with those values. "


—  Trisha



Create a life you love with tools and support designed to meet you where you are and take you where you want to go. 

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Help your group, community, or organization breakaway from burnout and become more resilient with talks that are relatable, empowering, action-oriented, and fun.

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Starts Sunday, June 26

Monthly Hiking Adventures

to help you get out of your head

& get back into your groove!